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Health and Safety
We are committed to safety above all else and this obligation is central to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our clients and safeguards our most important asset: our employees. The well-being of our supply chain partners, customers and anyone who may come in contact with our work is considered throughout every project we undertake. Our entire team is dedicated to maintain a safety focused and environmentally sound business. Our safety culture is promoted by each member of our team through planning, implementing and evaluating safety practices on a regular basis.

We acknowledge our responsibility for the health and safety of our employees and all other stakeholders. We also recognize that health and safety should be considered equal to quality and conduct. Employees that use heavy equipment receive top quality training in health and safety, covering how to use the equipment safely and how to avoid risks.Our goal of ‘Zero Incidents Every Day’ drives us to continually challenge the way that we work and to continually improve our safety standards and performance.